The Kingdom Culture School of Ministry consists of seven Course Modules.

Course Modules

Ministry Modules consist of studies to provide a sound biblical understanding of the Kingdom of God and to equip believers for the practical expression of transformational mission and ministry.

  • Module 1: Understanding the Kingdom of God
  • Module 2: The Kingdom and the Church
  • Module 3: The Increasing Kingdom
  • Module 4: Kingdom Identity
  • Module 5: Kingdom Assignments
  • Module 6: The Supernatural Kingdom
  • Module 7: The Inner Kingdom

Course Module Format

  • Keynote Lectures
  • 21 Video Sessions on .mp4 (approx 1 hour each)
  • Student Manual/Workbook (x7)
  • Course Assignments (optional)


1. The Kingdom of God

  1. Understanding the Kingdom of God (What it is and what it isnt)
  2. Seeking first the Kingdom (When His Kingdom comes His will gets done)
  3. On earth as it is in heaven (Introducing the Kingdom into everyday life)

'The Kingdom of God' was the main message of Jesus Christ. He spoke about it, taught about it, and gave more instructions concerning it than any other subject. And yet sadly, many Christians struggle to understand the basics of what the Kingdom of God is really about.

In this powerful module we discover how our understanding of the Kingdom directly influences the nature of every believer's mission and purpose, releases new levels of spiritual authority and supernatural power, and enables us to live a life that is fully syncronised with God's will and purpose - a life that brings influence into every area of the marketplace, society and our nations!

When we live from the revelation that the Kingdom of God is in fact within us we begin to powerfully release the Kingdom of God around us!

2. The Kingdom and the Church

  1. Understanding the Kingdom and the Church (Is there a difference?)
  2. The Purpose Built Church (Fulfilling it's intended Purpose)
  3. The Church Without Walls (Becoming an Apostolic Church)

E.Stanley Jones, speaking of the church of the future, once said, "I don't fear that they will reject the Kingdom of God. My fear is that they will reduce it."

I have been considering these words recently and have come to the conclusion that in many instances we have done just that, we have reduced the Kingdom of God down to simply being the church. We have lost sight and understanding of the differences between the Church and the Kingdom because we have been taught by our traditions that they are one and the same. But are they?

This wonderful, Christ-breathed, transformational church is the vehicle of the Kingdom, but like every vehicle it's purpose is only realised when it is used as intended! Jesus clearly stated that He would build the church! He said this with a purpose in mind - so that His church would fulfill the mandate of discipling nations! It's time we looked again at the church - but let's take a look at it through the lenses of the kingdom.

The Increasing Kingdom

  1. Architects of Culture (Becoming an apostolic people)
  2. Can a Nation be Discipled? (Discipling cities and nations)
  3. Turning the World Upside Down (Reformers and transformers)

The church of Jesus Christ was never intended to be an evacuation centre it was meant to be a transformation centre! The mission of the church is more than simply saving and preserving people for heaven, it is to be the vehicle that powerfully represents and advances the kingdom of God in all areas of this world. From the radical command to "make disciples of nations" through to the various analogies of salt, light and yeast it is clear that Jesus intended his church to be both transformational and influential.

In this powerful module we will discover the mission of the apostolic church to release believers into all areas of society to become 'architects of culture'. Our study will also look at biblical and contemporary reformers who have significantly influenced cities and nations, resulting in the betterment of society through establishment of kingdom values and culture.

Kingdom Identity

  1. Sons, Slaves and Orphans (Breaking the Orphan Spirit)
  2. Receiving the Full Rights of Sonship (Spiritual Inheritance)
  3. Growing Up (Spiritual Maturity and Authority)

The ultimate identity theft is not someone stealing our credit card or passport details but rather the devil robbing us of our identity as sons and daughters of God. When a believer fails to understand the spirit of sonship they live life with an orphan spirit. It's time to break the orphan spirit, understand our full rights of sonship and in doing so experience the intimacy and authority that belongs to the children of God.

In this powerful module we will discover that the level of our spiritual authority and influence is directly related to our identity in Christ as part of a royal family called to rule and reign in life. We will see why the bible warns of the dangers of anyone leading with an orphan spirit and we will gain a biblical understanding of the various stages of maturity as a believer than determines our influence and effectiveness.

Kingdom Assignments

  1. The Voice of Vocation (Identifying your calling and purpose)
  2. Everything is Spiritual (Redeeming the kingdoms of this world)
  3. Standing before Kings (Keys to promotion and advancement)

If we say that every believer is a minister then we must also acknowledge that every vocation is a ministry. For a long time many Christians mistakenly believed the only way to do something truly significant for God was to go to Bible College and become a pastor or missionary. Thankfully many are now rediscovering the truth that work is worship and our vocation are divine callings, placements and assignments.

This module will help you to understand and be equipped, like the Josephs, Daniels and Esthers of old. To bring godly influence and transformation in society through service and supernatural gifting in your chosen career and vocation.

The Supernatural Kingdom

  1. Faith at Work (Exercising faith in our everyday life)
  2. Beyond the Walls (Using spiritual gifts in the marketplace)
  3. The Kingdom Entrepreneur (Releasing supernatural creativity and innovation)

The word of God teaches that 'the righteous shall live by faith' and that 'it is impossible to please God without faith'. From these two verses alone it is clear that God intends faith to be an integral part of our everyday life - yet although we are comfortable with faith in the context of church or around other believers many are uncertain of the place of faith in so called secular environments such as the workplace, business world or local community.

How does one exercise the gift of prophecy or words of knowledge on the shop floor or company boardroom where there is no soft worship music playing in the background or believers standing alongside you in prayer? What about the ministry of laying on of hands, blessing and anointing? Can these supernatural expressions be applied to the new product prototype, investment project, or IT system that has just crashed?

Just as the first expression of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2) resulted in spirit-filled believers spilling out into the marketplace, so today the gifts of the spirit long to be released there again. In this powerful module we will discover practical ways to express a supernatural lifestyle beyond the walls of the church and our Christian homes.

The Inner Kingdom

  1. Under Construction (The process of spiritual formation)
  2. God's Shaping Forces (Pathways and processes for change)
  3. Changed! (Encounter, transformation and effect)

The Kingdom of God is first and foremost an inner kingdom. As Jesus said, "the Kingdom of God is within you". In fact, the kingdom of God has been designed to be lived from the inside out rather than the outside in.

In this powerful and life-changing module we will seek to gain a biblical understanding of the process of spiritual formation in the life of a kingdom-centered believer. We will discuss new creation realities where we seek to understand the tension between our spiritual position in Christ (a new creation) and our day-to-day experience where we often feel anything but! We will observe the pathways and processes God, by His grace, applies to our lives in order to bring about change and personal transformation.

The final module in our school is perhaps the most important one. For in calling us as believers to represent and advance His Kingdom He entrusted the greatest treasure to the most vulnerable of earthen vessels. This module will help you to see that He knew exactly what He was doing when he chose you and I to carry out the mission of seeing His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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