Our vision is to equip and empower every believer to represent and advance the Kingdom of God in all areas of their world.

Kingdom Culture School of Ministry was born out of a vision to equip and empower believers to bring influence and service to all areas of their world. Recognising that a believer's calling and ministry includes, but also extends beyond, the local church the course studies are approached from three perspectives - church leadership, marketplace ministry and community transformation.

Course Subjects

Kingdom Culture School of Ministry consists of seven course subjects:

  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Kingdom and the Church
  • The Increasing Kingdom
  • Kingdom Identity
  • Kingdom Assignments
  • The Supernatural Kingdom
  • The Inner Kingdom

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Your Host

Martin Steel

Martin Steel

Martin, along with his wife Roslyn, is the Senior Leader of Harbourside Church in Auckland, New Zealand. As a strong advocate for apostolic ministry he is passionately committed to the cause of Christ, in both the local church and the wider body of Christ. He has a love for the presence of God and a desire to see people encounter Christ in a transformational way so they are empowered to become all they were called to be. He has over 30 years experience in leadership and church ministry including five years spent in Eastern Europe serving the church through leadership training, church planting and evangelism. Martin is known for his powerful teaching and strategic kingdom thinking.

Transformed people transform communities.

Transformed communities transform cities.

Transformed cities transform nations.

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